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Served until 12pm Monday to Saturday and all day on a Sunday. Breakfast rolls are available all day every day.

Full Breakfast

Choice of scrambled, poached or fried egg with bacon, square sausage, potato scone, mushrooms, beans and a slice of white or brown toast.
£  6.95

Skinny Breakfast

Choice of poached, scrambled or fried egg with bacon (fat trimmed), 2% fat skinny square sausage, mushrooms, beans and tomato.
£  5.95

Veggie Breakfast

Choice of 2 eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, potatoes scone, beans & spinach (v)
£  6.25

Eggs al Sugo

2 eggs gently poached in Italian Napoli sauce served with toasted ciabatta. (Add diced bacon 75p)
£  5.75

Morning Roll With choice of:

bacon, square sausage, egg of your choice, potato scone, black pudding (Double up for 75p extra)
£  2.50

Avocado Eggs

2 poached eggs served on top of toasted ciabatta, smothered in smashed avocado served with diced bacon
£  5.95

Scrambled or Poached Eggs

Served with 2 slices of white or brown toast (add bacon or mushrooms for 75p)
£  4.25

Omelette with 2 Fillings

Choose from cheese, tomato, mushrooms, onion, bacon or ham
£  5.25

Kids Breakfast (10 years and under)

Scrambled egg, bacon, beans and 1 slice of white or brown toast.
£  4.50

Porridge with Banana

Served with a drizzle of honey.
£  3.50

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

With low fat greek yogurt, drizzled with honey
£  3.95

Toast & Butter

White or brown toast served with your choice of jam or marmalade.
£  2.50


Open toasted breakfast bagel with bacon, scrambled eggs & sliced tomatoe.

£  4.95

Open toasted veggie bagel with fresh mozzarella, sliced avocado & tomatoes (v)

£  5.50

Open toasted classic bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers served with a lemon wedge.

£  5.95


Bowl of Homemade Soup

Choose from Linda's Minestrone or our delicious soup of the day. Served with homemade bread.
£  3.95


Ciabatta topped with marinated tomatoes and red onion served with side salad.
£  4.75

Caprese Salad

Mozzarella and sliced tomatoes topped with basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with a slice of our chef 's homemade focaccia.
£  4.95

Bread & Olives

With olive oil and balsamic vinager for dipping.
£  3.25

Kids Homemade Soup

Served with homemade bread.
£  2.75


For the Carnivores:

1x £.75   |    2x £15.95

Platter of mixed meats including Milano Salami, Mortadella and Parma Ham served with chefs homemade focaccia.

For the Vegetarians:

1x £6.95    |    2x £13.95

Platter of grilled vegetables and our selection of cheeses served with chefs homemade focaccia and olives.


Classic Chicken Caesar

Grilled chicken tossed with bacon, parmesan, croutons, anchovies and mixed leaves in our own dressing.
£  9.25

Prawns & Melon

Delicious Atlantic prawns tossed in our homemade Marie Rose sauce combined with fresh melon on a leafy salad with lemon wedge garlic.
£  8.95


Fresh tuna flakes tossed with olives on a bed of mixed leaves with cucumber and a light lemon and balsamic dressing.
£  8.50

Goats cheese & black pudding

Creamy goats cheese and black pudding grilled and served with chefs homemade caramalised onions ona bed of mixed leaves.
£  8.95


Soup & Half Panini/Ciabatta
Choose between a:
Panini, ciabatta, brown or white bread sandwich or toastie
Chicken Tikka £4.95
Coronation Chicken £4.95
Cheese Savoury £4.75
Tuna Mayo £4.95
Prawn Marie Rose £5.25
Parma Ham & Rocket £5.25
Caprese Style £5.25
Cheese & Ham and Pickle £5.25
All served with homemade coleslaw and crisps.


How do you like yours?

With: coronation chicken, chicken tikka, tuna mayo, prawn marie rose, beans and cheese. All served with a salad garnish.



Choose between a half panini, brown or white bread sandwich with choice of cheese & tomato or ham and cucumber served with crisps and a diluting juice of their choice.


Check out our display fridge for the array of goodies we have to offer, otherwise ask your server and they will be happy to help.


Pot of Tea

£  2.25


£  2.25

Double Espresso

£  2.50

Black Coffee

£  2.50

White Coffee

£  2.60


£  2.60

Speciality Teas

Please ask server for what's on offer.
£  2.05

Chai Tea Latte

£  2.70


£  2.70


£  2.70

Hot Chocolate

£  2.70
Extra Shot £0.50
Decaf £0.50
Syrup £0.50
Dairy Free Milk available on request £0.50
Marshmallows and Cream £0.50


Irn bru, diet irn bru, coke, diet coke, 7 up
£  2.05

Cans San Pellegrino

Different flavours available
£  2.25

Still Water Bottle

£  1.50

Sparkling Water Bottle

£  1.50


Irn bru, diet irn bru, coke, diet coke Lucozade
£  2.40


Irn bru, diet irn bru, coke, diet coke Lucozade
£  2.30

Fruit Juice

Apple, Orange or Cranberry
£  2.50

Kids Simply Fruity

Choice of flavours
£  1.20

Kids Diluting juice

£  0.50
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